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For many civil engineers and site managers faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem, Foundation Piling is the first name to call. They value our expert advice - and with good reason.

  • Depend on us - We've built our reputation on tackling the most difficult projects - and succeeding.
  • As an independent company, we can respond to your request quickly and effectively. Even in emergencies or up against tight deadlines, we're calm, efficient and effective.
  • Foundation Piling leads the way with technically advanced, practical ground engineering. Our extensive knowledge of soil behavior and unrivalled experience of challenging jobs minimizes risks. We succeed in locations often considered unworkable.
  • We'll support you in every aspect of your project, and achieve a successful outcome. We are environmentally aware and comply with all the latest regulations, including noise and spoil restrictions. Experienced and trusted, we work to deliver quality service.
  • We train all of our operatives with a wide range of machinery and techniques, which means we can provide an extensive range of services at competitive rates.
  • We operate teams of trained piling operatives who are experienced in the field of deep foundations on projects ranging from small home extensions and garage foundations to housing developments, infrastructure and defense engineering.
  • Our company directors have over 25 years of experience in the piling industry and have worked for some of the biggest companies in the Chennai and it enables us to work anywhere throughout the entire TN.
Company Name:GOLDEN PILE
Proprietor Name:A. Boominathan
Managing Director Name:P. Janarthanan, B.E., MBA.,
Company Established Year:1986
Number of Staffs & Employees:56


Our vision is to grow multidisciplinary team in order to offer a better services in piling industries with through excellence and efficiency in all aspects. Weather a project is tough handle we do a proper implementation of program management with multi facetted initiative in all projects.

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